Our Mission

Deborah’s battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer was filled with love, support and struggle. Although Deborah did not survive this disease, her family has established in her honour, The Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Fund, administered by the Calgary Foundation. The Foundation will be working closely with family members, to grant funds to their charity of their choice, with 2017 funds earmarked for the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. 


How we plan to help!


Awareness: Triple Negative Breast Cancer tends to be more aggressive, more likely to recur or spread, and more difficult to treat as there are no targeted treatments. TNBC disproportionately strikes younger women, African American women and those with the BRCA1 mutations. Our aim is to promote awareness, as there are new developments and approaches to treating TNBC everyday.


Education: Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a subtype of breast cancer as it is diagnosed based upon the lack of three receptors; estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and human epidermal growth receptors 2 (HER2), known to fuel typical breast cancers. TNBC is known to be more aggressive and difficult to treat as most chemotherapies target one of these receptors, so TNBC treatments usually require intensive combination therapies. Our goal is to help support and encourage the launch of projects within Canada aimed in finding targeted treatments for TNBC.


Support: The Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Fund is the first in Canada committed to TNBC. This year’s inaugural fundraiser will grant all donated funds to Wings of Hope, who work to help fund programs that ease financial burdens and promote wellness for low-income people who are living with breast cancer in and around Calgary. This partnership will also help give further support to those women diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Fund is a dynamic organization that is willing to adapt quickly to the needs of those suffering with Triple Negative Breast Cancer by making new partnerships in the future.